I find the idea that you are customizing your bike, gun, car or anything else when you buy something in a box or bag and bolt it on annoying.

I my opinion if you can buy it and bolt it on it's not custom its accessorized. If you cut, drill, weld or fabricate something that didn't exist before its customized.

I have added a Suzuki Sissy Bar and a MC Enterprises Full Engine Guard to my 2005 GZ250. This is not customized. I also have stainless steel saddle bag guards that were fabricated for the GZ250. Since these are basically just copies of the Suzuki versions I do not consider this customized.

I if I were to fabricate mounting brackets/mount points and add my own hard bags that I made from something else, this I would consider customized.

Changing handle bars I consider to be adjusting you bike to fit you or perhaps in some cases (ape hangers) a fashion statement.

Anyone care to weigh in on this?

I would hate to think I'm the only one who feels this way.