Ammo Can Panniers

A couple of months ago I began experimenting with using ammo cans as panniers on my GZ250. I needed hard lockable waterproof storage for my GZ250. After months of searching I found nothing suitable. Pastic doesn't work well it looks good but can easily be broken, Textile bags are out completely. There is no way to secure a textile bag that can't be defeated by a razor blade or pocket knife. In a pinch you could get in textile luggage with nail clippers. So taking a big hint from the KLR650 riders who like to roll their own here is my first attempt.

So far I really like them. They are very easy and quick to get open . I can open and close them without getting off the bike. They don't leak. These have been in the rain two time and there was no sign of water getting them.

On the down side I think 50cal ammo cans are to small. I have acquired some SAW ammo cans which are a bit larger that I'm going to try next.

I plan to add locks and play around with painting them to match the bike. Some reflective decals might also be nice. I have also been considering lighting of some sort but so far I haven't come up with a satisfactory way to do this that does not also require holes in the box and loss of storage space. I'm hoping to find some thin LED lighting that could be mounted with foam tape. I don't ride much at night so battery powered LED lighting might work.