Long Distance Riding

Pat's GZ250 in Alaska

Long Distance Riding
20070905 - 0528 Motorcycle, GZ250
There is a secret to doing long distance on a GZ, or for any small bike. I don't know... my wife tells me that this secret doesn't apply to everyone, and maybe it doesn't. But based on my considerable lifetime of experiences, I know for sure that it applies to me. I also know that it applies to Jim Wilson.

Here it is, in the context of Alaska trip (but it applies to all trips of any distance). Whenever my butt was so sore that it felt like it was going to fall off and that I couldn't go on for one second more, even though I was only 40 miles into a 600 mile day; whenever it was so hot that a straight Texas highway looked like a corkscrew and it was all that I could do to keep the tires from falling off the edges of the pavement; whenever it was so cold that I couldn't feel my fingers, and putting both feet on the crankcase halves next to the engine jug didn't produce enough heat to cause any sensation whatsoever in my paralyzed feet; whenever I was so tired and damp that I would have given everything I own just to be in a warm bed asleep; whenever all this happened, I had only to do one thing. And here it is. I had only to imagine that I was at work, at my job! (Or in Jim's case, that I even had a job!) If I did this, I felt like the luckiest person alive. Like life was wonderful, a grand adventure that just didn't GET any better!

It worked every time.

-- Patrick Henry

Orginaly posted on the GZ250 Yahoo Group