Brake Pad Cross Reference

Sometimes brake Pads are hard to find for a GZ-250. These are pads I have found to work. Prices are from 2008.

Front Disc Brake Pad
Suzuki OEM 59300-0AE20 $47
SBS Ceramic SBS581HF $25
Parts Unlimited 1721-0274 (SBS) $27

Also Fits:
Maico GP550 1987-*
Maico GP500E 1987-*
Maico GP500 Motocross 1987-*
Maico GM400E 1987-*
Maico GP400 Motocross 1987-*
Maico GP250E 1987-*
Maico GP250 Motocross 1987-*
Maico GM250 Star 1987-*
Suzuki RM125F,G 1985-1986*
Suzuki RM250 1985-*
Suzuki RM500 1985-1986
Suzuki LS650 Savage 1986-2004
Suzuki LS400 Savage 1987-*
Suzuki S40650 Boulevard 2005-2007
Suzuki TU250X Super Classic 1997-*
Suzuki GZ250 1999-2007

Rear Brake Shoes
EBC-602 $12.13
Parts Unlimited 1723-0030 $20.95


National Cycle Plexistar 2

I had a Suzuki windshield on my GZ250 when I bought. There was very little protection and it began to crack around the bolts a few months later. I have also tried a Spitfire. The Spitfire was much better than the Suzuki windshield but it still was not enough. The National Cycle Plexistar 2 is wonderful. It keeps the rain and cold wind off and my finges from freezing in winter. It's a bear to install so it is not something you are going to take off to ride in the wind in nice weather. Mine cost $125.00.

National Cycle Plexistar 2 N8372