Undramatic Braking

I came across this term "Undramatic Braking" and immediately understood what it meant. Undramatic Braking is Coming to a FULL stop without drama. Drama being things like screeching and/or smoking tires, bent o broken motorcycle parts, front or rear wheel skids, and a trip to the emergency room.

How do you do prevent the drama?

Don't follow to close. If you are riding within two seconds of the vehicle in front of you I can almost guarantee that sooner or later you are going to get to do a tire screeching stop. That's if you are lucky. If your not lucky you might get to find out what its like to bend the rear bumper of the vehicle in front of you. You may even get to do a little flying.

Do not ride so fast the you can't see further than it takes you to stop, Yes this means you need to slow down for those blind turns. Come flying around a blind turn and finding the mail man. stopped in the road and a dump truck coming the other way could ruin your day.

When you are in traffic stoped at a light, when the light turns green let the car in front of you get to a good following distance before you start. Cage drivers have a nasty habit of taking of to soon and then hiting the brake. If you have kept your distance this will be no big deal. If not, add a little bit of sand on the road to a bit to much front brake and you'll be on the ground. I like to let the car in front of me go until I can see under it. This helps avoid surprises like a board full of nails, pot holes, or 2x4s that might be in the road hiden from sight by the car in front of you.

Undramatic breaking is dull and boring. Just sthe way I like it.